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Managing Maintenance & Repairs Successfully

On average landlords spend 26% of their income on repairs and maintenance, with around 57% using agents to manage some or all of their properties. Richard Blanco speaks to Claire Empson, Managing Director of Daisylets & Sales, Jacky Peacock, Director of Advice4Renters and Independent Builder & Project Manager, Stelios Gabriel to discuss how best to manage maintenance and repairs for tenant and landlord. Topics include old chestnuts like damp and the professional clean, fixed or flexible pricing, tips on boilers and appliances and how to source and manage tradespeople. We also discuss where responsibility lies between landlord and tenant, why tenants can seem reluctant to report repairs and tips for proactive management that minimise the likelihood of future problems occurring.

Inside Property is produced in collaboration with the Inside Property is produced in collaboration with the National Landlords Association.  You can download the podcast on Audioboom and itunes.

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Latest Podcast

Open For Business

Government guidelines have enabled the housing market to re-open for business in England from 13 May 2020.  In this episode, Richard Blanco is joined by

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