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Happy Endings – How To End A Tenancy Well

The inventory and return of the deposit are key aspects of being able to end a tenancy well – but what if the tenant is in arrears or has breached the contract? ...

Letting Agent Reform

Letting Agents are facing a raft of regulatory changes in 2019. From April they must have a dedicated bank account and insurance for clients’ money and tenant fees will be banned from June 2019....

Beige Forever? – Design In Let Properties

How important is design for let properties? As a landlord, should you always stick to neutral or can you safely stray into something more adventurous? To furnish or not to furnish? Are there particular...

Current Affairs Edition July 2018

How would you feel about compulsory three year tenancies? Would they provide essential security of tenure for families or pose too big a risk for landlords? The government has appointed the third housing minister...








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